Tips For Maintaining A Trench Drain System

Trench drain systems are an excellent drainage choice for several situations. These practical, easy-to-maintain solutions are proven and effective. You can also choose from neutral designs or enhanced decoratie aesthetics for the covers.

Of course, proper maintenance is key for ensuring consistent drainage and avoiding excess water pooling. It also ensures that your trench drain will last longer and ultimately cost less over its lifetime.

So keep reading to learn the best tips for maintaining your trench drain system — whether you’re using it for personal or commercial purposes.

How To Maintain A Trench Drain System

While trench grate drains are affordable in the first place, let’s explore some ways to ensure it doesn’t make a dent on your budget over the long haul:

Take Care Of Surrounding Areas

The first step in maintaining your trench drain is to keep debris clear of the surrounding drain area. This includes offal from industrial residue, leaves, mud, and sticks. A little bit of prevention goes a long way.

It will be much harder to clean the drain if debris gets inside. So, in general, the more pristine around the drain the better for longevity.

Clean the Trench Drain Itself

You might think it’s complicated to clean a drainage system, but it’s actually not. In industrial settings, there are certain protocols and best practices you can follow.

Industrial drainage systems probably have someone in charge of cleaning with them a strict protocol already. For homeowners, they may need further instruction. To clean inside the drain, first remove the cover by lifting it up and to the side.

Once you’ve removed the trench drain grate then you can use a long broom to sweep material inside the drain. Luckily, trench drainage designs are perfect for easy maintenance like this.

Don’t Hesitate to Address Clogs in the Drain

Rain or other heavy water sources can put your drain to the test. As mentioned, debris can lead your drain to clog eventually. If you notice a clog, consider calling a professional drain cleaning company.

As another option, you can invest in the right tools and industrial level chemicals to clean large drains.

Avoid Taking Grates Off

It’s par for the course for a drain cover to be knocked off or removed at times. However, you might cause your drain to clog faster if you make a habit of leaving it off.

Even high quality grates will wear down or need to be replaced eventually. So if you need to find a new grate, shop early before you actually need it at a place like The Trench Grate Store.

When you leave the cover off, larger items can wash into the drain. These are harder to deal with or remove. It also causes safety hazards. Someone could fall in, causing a major medical or legal issue.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean Your Trench Drainage System

Drains are heavy duty installments that are designed that way specifically because of the abuse they have to take.

But you shouldn’t just leave your drain alone and hope that everything works out. Weekly cleaning is recommended for any large scale applications. For home purposes, once or twice per year is sufficient depending on rainfall and surrounding water levels.

The reason this is so important is because the drain can fail. If not maintained correctly, it can suffer a number of events like chemical damage or clogging. Some minerals in your drain could break down.

Ultimately, this can lead to leaks or otherwise dangerous failures. This is especially true if the drain is surrounding your home foundation or if it must drain poisonous chemicals.

Maintaining Your Trench Drain is Worth It

With weekly industrial maintenance or yearly home maintenance, your drain can look better and function great for longer. Make sure to identify problems early.

Either invest the time to maintain the drain yourself or hire the professionals. That way, your beautiful, effective drain system will be the best investment you’ve ever made.