Aluminum Bar Grating

Aluminum grating is corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, resilient, and durable. It is made of lightweight material. Recommendations for the application of this product are of light foot traffic. This product is often found in places such as chemical manufacturing plants, waste and sewage treatment centers, due to its inherent resistance to saltwater corrosion, it is ideal for docks and other marine areas.

Due to its fashionable appearance, aluminum bar grating is also often used in residential applications on decking patios where melting snow drainage is needed. If you’re interested in acquiring this dependable product or would like to learn about our available options, call The Trench Grate Store today for further information and to place an order! 

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Aluminum Grates 1 Inch

Aluminum Grates 1 Inch

Aluminum Grates 1.25 Inch

Aluminum Grates 1.25 Inch

More About Aluminum Grating’s Qualities


The strength of aluminum grating lies in its design, featuring a combination of rectangular bearing bars and cross bars that are press-locked together during the manufacturing process. The resulting structure forms a robust framework capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising its structural integrity.

The precise bearing bar spacing and bar thickness contribute to the load-carrying capacity of the grating, ensuring that it maintains its durability over time. In addition, the smooth surface of aluminum bar grating products — achieved through press-locked aluminum bars — enhances the overall longevity by reducing wear and tear. This makes aluminum grates a reliable option for applications with stringent load requirements.


Aluminum grating is well-known for its lightweight properties, making it well-suited for many purposes. The use of aluminum bars in the construction of grating significantly reduces its weight without compromising its load-bearing capabilities. 

The combination of aluminum’s inherent lightness and the design features, such as cross bars and infill panels, contribute to a lighter weight per square foot compared to alternative materials. This inherent lightness not only facilitates the installation process but also makes aluminum bar grating suitable for applications where a lighter weight is needed.


Aluminum grates possess intrinsic corrosion-resistant properties that help them maintain their structural integrity over time. Whether exposed to harsh weather conditions or corrosive substances, aluminum grating stands resilient, maintaining its durability and load-bearing capabilities.


The durability and high corrosion resistance of smooth aluminum bar grating combine to prolong its lifespan. Moreover, the deep cross bars, square foot bar height, and press-locked aluminum bars work in tandem to create a sturdy and enduring structure.

These traits make aluminum grating an enduring solution for diverse applications and load requirements. This longevity ensures that the grating continues to perform reliably, offering a cost-effective and durable solution for a wide range of industrial and construction needs.

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When you need grating with a light weight, exceptional durability, and high load-bearing applications, our aluminum bar grating is certain to satisfy your needs and surpass your expectations. To receive a quote for our aluminum grates and have them shipped quickly to your location, reach out to The Trench Grate Store today!

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