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At The Trench Grate Store, we supply clients across the United States with patio grates for their backyards and commercial properties. No matter the dimensions of your patio space or other specifications unique to your property, you’ll be able to find a drainage solution for your patio in our trench grate collection.

The trench grate options we offer are durable, resist corrosion, and will create proper drainage for your patio space for years to come. Reach out today to learn more about our patio grates and to place an order.

Our Trench Grate Products Include:

Problems That Patio Trench Grates Can Help Prevent

Pooling Water

When rain falls or snow melts, water flows across the patio surface. Without proper drainage, water can pool and create puddles that may seep into the soil, leading to erosion and compromising the foundation. However, installing patio drain grates helps prevent the accumulation of surface water.

Drain grates — ideally integrated with a french drain or connected to a dry well filled with gravel — facilitate water flow away from the patio area. This design prevents the stagnation of water and maintains the patio dry and free from the detrimental effects of standing water.

Patio Discoloration

The discoloration of patios can detract from their beauty and the overall appeal of the outdoor living space. Water pooling, often filled with a variety of minerals and debris, can stain concrete, stone, and other patio materials. By installing patio drain grates, you can preserve the aesthetic quality of your patios.

These grates collect and channel water into a drainage system, which may include pipes laid beneath the ground. This ensures that minerals and debris are filtered out before they can settle on the patio surface, which maintains the patio’s visual appeal and extends its lifespan in the process.

Hardscaping Damage

Hardscaping materials are susceptible to damage from improper water drainage. By providing a pathway for water to exit, these patio drain grates prevent water from pooling and seeping under hardscaping, where it can cause settling, cracking, and other structural problems.

Additionally, installing a well-designed drainage system — including trenches and gutters connected by pipes to a properly sloped area — helps to divert water away from hardscaped surfaces. This measure safeguards the integrity of your hardscaping materials and ensures their stability and durability.


Trench drain grates are an excellent choice for patios, especially in regions prone to heavy rainfall or runoff. These grates cover a channel that runs across the patio and capture water before it can accumulate on the surface. The unique design of trench grates prevents clogging within the drainage system.

This aspect is particularly beneficial as it ensures continuous water flow away from the patio, which reduces the need for frequent cleaning or maintenance. When installed correctly, trench drain grates offer an efficient and effective solution to manage water and protect the patio from the issues associated with clogged drainage.

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Whether you’re updating your old patio or plan to install a brand new one in your backyard, implementing a reliable drainage system ensures your patio is safeguarded for years to come. Call The Trench Grate Store today to learn more about our available patio grates and to purchase one for your property.