Cast Iron Gratings

Cast iron gratings are a popular choice due to their iron oxide coating. This slows down corrosion without affecting the product’s functionality — making cast iron drain grates incredibly versatile.

The Trench Grate Store provides several styles, sizes, and frames, which can be utilized anywhere with high traffic or where heavy equipment is used.

Cast Iron Grates 1 Inch

Cast Iron Grates 1 Inch

Cast Iron Grates 1.5 Inch

Cast Iron Grates 1.5 Inch

About Cast Iron Grates

Our cast iron trench grates are made of several molded bars. During manufacturing, the level wear patterns, total estimated loads, and even weathering patterns are calculated for all the cast iron grates that The Trench Grate Store provides.

They allow the smooth flow of waste from a system and can be cleaned incredibly easily to ensure maximum sanitation. As an incredibly durable material, cast iron drain grating is uniquely qualified to handle water and waste runoff in a variety of applications.

Common Varieties Of Cast Iron Trench Grating:

  • Area drain
  • Floor drain
  • Shower drain
  • Trench drain

Our Options For Cast Iron Trench Drains

Standard Cast Iron Trench Grating

Features include:

  • Ideal for pedestrian traffic, outdoor shopping centers, and promenade areas.
  • Versatility thanks to continuous grate sections
  • Heavy duty grate rating for ASME A112.6.3
  • Large free-draining area
  • Steel frame and cast iron grate
  • Available in light duty, medium duty, heavy duty models (heavy vehicles and traffic, H-20 rated)

Heavy Duty Modular Cast Iron Trench Drains

Features include:

    • Ideal for parking decks and loading docks
    • Optional clamping collar and flange available
    • Heavy duty rate rating for ASME A112.6.3
    • Perfect reservoir for large amounts of water runoff
  • Maximize water drainage with a continuous wide trench
  • Cast iron anti-shift loose set square hole grate
  • Flanged body outlet
  • It can be utilized as an individual area drain


More About ASME A112.6.3

Cast iron is an ideal material for trench grates due to its exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. The robust nature of cast iron makes it highly suitable for a wide array of locations, as this material’s ability to withstand heavy loads and resist wear ensures that the trench grates remain functional over time — even in high-traffic areas. 

The exposed nature of these grates in parking lots and driveways exposes them to various environmental conditions, including moisture and debris. Cast iron’s resilience makes it well-equipped to endure such conditions without compromising its structural integrity. Additionally, the installation of cast iron trench grates is relatively straightforward and their maintenance is easy as well. The combination of these traits help create a safe and secure environment for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Additional Details on Cast Iron Grate Placement

Cast iron trench grates are particularly well-suited for installation in areas prone to water accumulation, such as parking lots and driveways. The design and construction of cast iron trench grates facilitate efficient water runoff, preventing water logging that could lead to potential flooding. As such, the safe and reliable drainage system provided by these grates enhances the overall safety of such environments. 

Additionally, the exposed nature of driveways and parking lots demands a trench grate solution that can withstand external elements while effectively managing water flow. Cast iron trench grates, with their sturdy construction and water-draining capabilities, fulfill this need, ensuring a durable and reliable solution for water drainage in these specific locations.

More About ASME A112.6.3

ASME is a standard that defines design requirements for various drains that are typically in non-residential areas directly adjacent to or outside of building structures. It provides guidance for product design, materials, finishes, top-loading classifications, outlet types, and definitions.

More specifically, these standards outline requirements for the materials used in the manufacturing of trench grates — emphasizing durability and structural integrity. The standards also provide guidelines for the safe installation of trench grates in various environments, including parking lots and driveways. 

By adhering to the ASME A112.6.3 standards, we ensure that the cast iron trench grates we supply clients meet the necessary criteria for withstanding exposure to environmental factors, heavy loads, and satisfying drainage requirements. Compliance with these standards contributes to the overall effectiveness and reliability of cast iron trench grates so that they can properly provide a safe and durable drainage solution.

For additional information on ASME-compliant cast iron trench grate drains, contact the experts at The Trench Grate Store today