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Why Trench Grates Are Ideal for Shower Drainage?

Collects More Water at Once

Compared to traditional round or square shower drains, linear trench shower grates excel in collecting more water at once. This enhanced capacity is because of their extended coverage area along the shower floor, which facilitates efficient water channeling towards a singular outlet.

The design is particularly compatible with large format tile installations, as it allows for a seamless integration without disrupting the tiling pattern. After installing a linear shower drain, even high-flow showers drain quickly and effectively.

Reduced Water Pooling

The distinct shape of trench shower grates plays a central role in reducing water pooling within the shower area. Unlike conventional drains that can struggle to manage water distribution evenly across the shower floor, linear drains are designed to capture water along their entire length — promoting swift and uniform water flow towards the drain.

This greater water management is further enhanced when used in conjunction with quality waterproofing techniques, as they minimize the risk of water stagnation and the subsequent issues it can present. Reduced water pooling not only contributes to a safer shower environment but also to the longevity of the shower’s surface and underlying structures.


Adherence to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance is easier when using linear trench shower grates. Their streamlined profile allows for the construction of barrier-free showers that offer an accessible, level entry for individuals with mobility challenges.

Linear shower drains can create a shower space without the need for a traditional tub or threshold, which might otherwise impede access. Additionally, the uniform grade required for effective drainage is easier to achieve with a linear drain.

Saves More Space

Linear trench shower grates offer a space-saving advantage over traditional grates by eliminating the need for multiple drains or large, central units that can disrupt the shower floor design. This advantage is particularly noticeable in smaller shower enclosures, where space is limited. By incorporating a linear shower drain, designers and homeowners can maximize usable shower space and allow for more flexible design choices and the accommodation of larger tile formats without the need for extensive cutting or alterations.

Less Maintenance

The design of linear trench grates simplifies the cleaning process. Having straightforward access to the drain channel allows for quick removal of debris and prevents the buildup that can lead to clogs and odors in other types of shower drains.

Moreover, the durable materials and quality construction of brand-specific linear drains are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, making them a more reliable and less maintenance-intensive option for both residential and commercial shower installations.

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