Galvanized Steel Bar Grating

Hot-dip galvanized steel bar grating provides distinct advantages for industrial and residential use. If you need strong, durable metal drain grating, then galvanized steel is an excellent choice.

At The Trench Grate Store, we supply clients around the United States with high-quality galvanized steel grates for their various applications and needs. Reach out today for a quote and to place an order — if we have your desired grate in stock, you can count on a fast shipment!


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How Does The Galvanization Of Metal Drain Grating Work?

While carbon steel is a durable material for grates, it is also susceptible to rust and corrosion. While spray or paint finishes can somewhat protect carbon steel, these will wear over time and expose the grate.

This creates additional wear and tear when exposed to water or heavy impact. That’s why at the Trench Grate Store, we galvanize carbon steel grating with zinc coating. The process involves dipping the grating in molten zinc to cover every surface.

The zinc then bonds to the surface of the steel to create the protective layer. This allows you to enjoy a product that provides protection against harsh environments with a lower overall investment than stainless steel.

The galvanized coating prevents the steel from corroding, unlike lower-quality non-galvanized steel bar grating. Additionally, sulfides, corrosive chlorides, fire, and moisture are kept at bay — protecting the galvanized steel bar grating’s integrity long-term.

Find The Right Galvanized Steel Grate

At The Trench Grate Store, we offer several premium quality galvanized bar sizes and thicknesses. Our durable products can withstand things such as foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and utility equipment with ease.

Specific varieties of grating, such as serrated galvanized grates and ADA grates, can help reduce worker and pedestrian injuries.

Additionally, the Trench Grate Store provides premium black grates. Whereas most companies merely powder coat or paint their grating in black, we also galvanize them to improve longevity.

Serrated Galvanized Grates

Serrated grates have a raised surface, grooves, and footholds that provide slip resistance. Serrated grating is ideal for ramp or walkway environments. For this reason, serrated galvanized grates are a popular choice for public works projects.

The Benefits Offered by Serrated Grates

Serrated grates offer many distinct advantages over traditional grates — especially in applications where enhanced traction and safety are paramount. These grates feature bearing bars with serrations along their length. The serrations, also known as notches or teeth, significantly improve slip resistance and provide a more secure grip for pedestrians and workers, even in wet or slippery conditions. As such, galvanized steel grating further enhances the durability of serrated grates by providing excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of environments. 

Moreover, the bar thickness and height contribute to the grating’s weight-bearing capacity, ensuring stability and longevity in various industrial, commercial, and residential applications. The serrated surface of these grates is particularly beneficial in settings such as stair treads, where safety is paramount. This type of steel grating, with its superior grip and resistance to corrosion, outperforms traditional options and is an optimal solution in even the most demanding environments.

ADA Galvanized Grates

ADA-compliant grating meets standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These standards are necessary when installing grating in commercial facilities, public accommodations, government buildings, and facilities accessible to people with disabilities.

Additionally, ADA-compliant grating must have a maximum opening between crossbars of 0.5 inches in one direction. If the grating has an elongated opening, it must be placed so that the longer dimension creates a perpendicular angle to the primary direction of travel.

These closely spaced grating bars minimize hazards for crutches, walkers, canes, scooters, and guide dogs. At the Trench Grate Store, we provide several ADA-compliant galvanized steel grates no matter what application you need.

The Importance of Being ADA-Compliant

Ensuring ADA compliance is essential for creating inclusive and accessible spaces for individuals with disabilities. As a result, ADA-compliant grating plays a role in meeting these accessibility standards by considering the needs of individuals with mobility challenges. 

Galvanized steel grating designed in accordance with ADA guidelines incorporates features such as a smooth surface, appropriate bar height, and spacing to accommodate wheelchair users and individuals with mobility aids. The use of galvanized grating ensures the necessary strength and corrosion resistance required for longevity and safety.

In addition — the design of the grating, such as the grip strut or rectangular bar — can contribute significantly to ADA compliance by providing a secure and slip-resistant surface. Whether for commercial or residential applications, adherence to ADA standards not only fosters inclusivity but also reflects a commitment to creating environments that prioritize accessibility, benefiting a diverse range of individuals with varying mobility needs.


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