Galvanized Steel Bar Grating

Hot dipped galvanized steel bar grating is a great choice for use in both residential and industrial applications. It is a great product choice when your project needs are strong durable materials. Galvanizing is also the better choice over a non-galvanized steel bar grating due to the fact that the galvanized coating helps protects the steel from corrosion. It does this by not allowing moisture and corrosive chlorides and sulfides to attack the steel. This product comes in different bar sizes and thicknesses for a wide range of uses from foot traffic, to regular vehicle traffic, to heavy trucks and construction equipment.

Galvanized Steel Grates .75 Inch

Galvanized Steel Grates 1 Inch

Galvanized Steel Grates 1.25 Inch

Galvanized Steel Grates 1.5 Inch