The Importance Of Drainage For Driveways

When it comes to driveways, having a drainage system like a trench grate drain is essential. After all, this is a crucial part of the infrastructure of your property. Understand that all driveways are likely to have some kind of slope.

If you have a low garage or low foundation, then you need to mediate floods as much as possible. You can solve your runoff issues with drainage installation and choosing the right inventory in the first place.

But don’t just get any drain. For instance, a floor drain may not have enough surface area to allow heavy water pooling to drain fast enough. On the other hand, a trench or linear drain can solve this issue.

So let’s talk about why it’s so important to invest in a great drain setup and what your options are:

Trench Drain and Grating System

What is a trench drain in the first place? It helps carry water away from a specific location. This reduces damage to the surrounding area.

The design of these kinds of drains make them ideal for driveway applications. Usually a preformed channel is purchased and then installed. An excavated trench needs to be dug, then set in concrete. This holds the entire drain in place.

Trench drain channels can be neutral or sloped depending on our needs. Driveways often need sloped drains. This uses the force of gravity to keep water away from your infrastructure.

There are various materials available for a trench drain like steel, stone, fiberglass or plastic. The drain is used along with the channel to direct the water where it needs to go.

Reasons for Poor Driveway Drainage

There are various reasons you might have bad drainage on your driveway. For instance:

  • Landscaping
  • Wrong drain
  • Small channel
  • Poor material selection
  • Lack of maintenance

Why Driveway Drainage Is Important

There are a number of reasons you need the right drainage installation for your driveway, including the following:

Poor Grading

If your grading is off, it’s going to cause some flooding problems. This leads to damage to your property. Thus, instead of pulling out your entire home or driveway, a simple drain can be a great solution.

Small Drain

If the dimensions of the drain are not large enough to accommodate all the water on your driveway, then you’re going to experience some pooling. This creates safety hazards around the property.

Poor Aesthetics

A lot of people mistakenly think they can dig a small little trench and put a store-bought drain to do the trick. While that might work in the imagination, it doesn’t provide great drainage or looks in reality.

Load Ability

Your drain system has to put up with people walking over it, or even cars driving on it. That’s not to mention the weather which could destroy flimsy plastic drains from the hardware store.


By ensuring your driveway is properly drained, you also protect your house and landscape. But you might feel a bit challenged when looking for the right drain grates to choose.

Don’t worry, the answer is simple. Reach out to the experts at The Trench Grate Store and learn what type of trench drainage grate is best for you. That way, you can protect your driveway with peace of mind.