The Helpful Effects Of Steel Trench Grates On The Environment

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We offer several materials, such as fiberglass, aluminum, cast iron, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. Still, our focus of this article is to discuss the positive environmental impact of steel trench grates. After all, you should be aware of how sustainable or eco-conscious your construction projects are.

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Steel Trench Grating: Environmental Benefits

Optimal Use Of Material

Because steel is so strong, you don’t need a lot to get the job done. When you compare this to using cheaper materials such as plastic, you would have to use a significantly larger amount to achieve the same level of drainage and strength.

In fact, it’s probably not even possible to mimic the strength of steel using polymers. Incredibly recyclable. Steel is perhaps the most recyclable material on earth. It can always be melted down or formed into new uses.

So while it should last a long time for your drainage project, decades down the line it will still be just as useful for something else.

Not Toxic To Humans

Many man-made materials give off byproducts and toxins. These can get into the air, the water, and of course seep into your skin. Luckily stainless steel is a perfectly natural and safe material for human contact.

Requires Little Energy To Produce

Many materials require natural resources to create them. In fact, many people don’t realize that water is used to create a lot of man-made material. However, approximately 90% of the water used to produce steel is eventually cleaned and then returned to its source.

When it comes to how steel trench grates affect the environment, there are a few better materials. Steel is about as close to a raw material as it gets when it comes to construction.

Secondary Environmental Impacts Of Steel Grating

Prevent Standing Water

When water is not properly drained, it can cause health hazards, or property damage. For instance, standing water attracts bacteria-carrying insects such as mosquitoes. It’s not to mention the side effects of decreased enjoyment or even property value from excessive mosquitoes in the area.

Furthermore, bacteria and fungi love moist environments. Aside from that, flooding or excess water can cause damage to your property, such as wood, brick, and even certain types of metal due to rust. The same concepts apply to public areas, such as pools, walkways, promenades, parks, or shopping centers.

Prevent Toxic Leakage

Water is often mixed with chemicals, toxins, or waste. So without a proper drainage system and grating material, those harmful elements can leak into the surrounding ground or surface levels.

Ultimately, this can be harmful to plant life, animal life, and air quality. Having steel grating helps drain systems and make sure systems work smoothly and efficiently to provide positive environmental impact.

Get Quality Steel Grating Today

And thanks to its ability to enhance trench drain systems, toxic waste or bacteria-laden water can be drained quickly and easily. If you have any further questions about using this material for your trench drain grating, reach out to our experts today.

We’ll consult you on the best material for your needs, the exact costs, and their level of sustainability for the environment.