Steel Trench Grates Vs. Aluminum Trench Grates: Key Distinctions

At The Trench Grate Store, our experts can help you select the ideal material for any of your drainage needs. If you’re considering installing a trench drain system, having the proper grating makes all the difference in the world. So depending on the context, location, and usage requirements, every material will have its benefits.

That being said, in this article, let’s discuss the difference between steel trench grates and aluminum trench grates.

Differences Between Aluminum Trench Grates Vs. Steel Trench Grates

Aluminum Bar Grating

Aluminum has several qualities that make it an ideal material to use for trench drain grating. First of all, it’s lightweight, making for easy and fast installation.

Secondly, it’s a non-toxic material. This allows it to be placed in areas with light foot traffic, decking patios, chemical plants, and sewage treatment centers.

A popular reason that our clients choose aluminum bar grating is because it’s corrosion resistant. So, frequent water drainage for exposure won’t damage the integrity of the material.

Its attractive aesthetics allow it to be installed in residential areas where flooding or melted snow are common without taking away from the design of the property.

Keep in mind that aluminum is a lightweight material, as mentioned. That means that it is not designed for heavy vehicles or machinery to pass over it. Now let’s talk about steel grating.

Stainless Steel Drain Grating

When talking about steel drainage grates, keep in mind that there are different types. At The Trench Grate Store, we find that stainless steel grates and galvanized steel grates are the most commonly chosen steel materials.

And steel is a much better material than stone for grates, which is why we carry several varieties. So let’s talk about each one of these individually:

Stainless Steel Grates

Stainless steel is incredibly durable. It is also corrosion resistant, so it does not rust. Its non-porous nature means that hygiene can be maintained in areas where food needs to be prepared.

Additionally it is ideal for hospital usage since it can be easily sterilized and does not harness bacteria or viruses. Stainless steel is versatile, as you can select from high alloyed or low alloyed grates.

And the durability and strength of stainless steel allow it to withstand heavy traffic in residential and commercial contexts. Finally stainless steel offers a classic timeless look. It can be installed in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations without straying from other design concepts.

Galvanized Steel Grates

Galvanized steel grates are known for their strength and durability. The galvanization process coats the steel with a layer of zinc, which prevents corrosion and rust. This makes galvanized steel perfect for factories, warehouses, loading docks, and more.

The strength-to-weight ratio allows galvanized steel grating to withstand heavy trucks or equipment without damaging the integrity of the grate drain.

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