Enviro Flo Grates

The uniquely designed Enviro-Flo® can last for years in tough environments thanks to its structure and innovative features. Lightweight and easy to install, this trench drain is made with a thermoplastic polymer called polypropylene, which grants it numerous advantages compared to other materials.

Polypropylene’s durable characteristics make the Enviro-Flo® an excellent choice for usage in a wide range of settings, from industrial and commercial locations to residential areas. Contact us today for additional information and to place your order.

Benefits of Polypropylene

Wear and Tear Resistance

Trench drains made with polypropylene, like the Enviro-Flo®, are known for their exceptional resistance to wear and tear. The use of injection molded polypropylene channels in these trench drain systems provides a solid structural frame that can withstand the rigors of heavy traffic environments.

This durable construction combines with polypropylene’s natural resilience against chemical degradation and physical damage, which significantly reduces the need for maintenance and replacement. Moreover, the integration of durable polypropylene frames into the trench drain design further enhances its longevity, making it a superior choice compared to other trench drain systems that may not utilize polypropylene to its full potential.

Great Tensile Strength

The great tensile strength of trench drains manufactured from polypropylene can be attributed to the material’s robust molecular structure. Polypropylene, known for its flexibility and strength, is further reinforced in trench drain systems through the creation of durable polypropylene frames and the strategic placement of ductile iron grates for areas experiencing heavy traffic.

These components, when used in a trench drain system, create a cohesive unit that can resist significant stresses without cracking or distorting. This is particularly advantageous in applications where the trench drain must endure the dynamic loads of moving vehicles, offering a reliable drainage solution that maintains its integrity over time.

Extreme Temperature Endurance

Polypropylene trench drains exhibit an exceptional ability to endure extreme heat and freezing temperatures, making them well-suited for a wide range of environmental conditions. The molecular makeup of polypropylene allows it to flex without losing its shape or strength, allowing your trench drain system to accommodate the expansion and contraction associated with temperature fluctuations.

This characteristic is enhanced by the design of the Enviro-Flo®, which facilitates efficient water flow and prevents damage from ice formation. Durable construction and heavy-duty polypropylene gratings combine to ensure that your drain system maintains its performance and structural integrity even when subjected to the thermal stresses of extreme weather conditions.

Moisture Protection

Moisture protection in Enviro-Flo® trench drains is unparalleled thanks to polypropylene’s non-porous nature and the system’s design features that prevent water ingress. Polypropylene’s resistance to water absorption ensures that your trench drain system remains effective in managing water flow without succumbing to the weakening effects of moisture over time. The solid construction of injection molded polypropylene channels — coupled with the system’s pre-sloped design, facilitates rapid water evacuation — minimizes the potential for water to stagnate and cause damage.

Furthermore, the integration of polypropylene gratings in the trench drain provides an additional barrier to moisture, ensuring that the system’s performance is not compromised, even in environments with high levels of surface water. This combination of material properties and design ingenuity results in a trench drain system that offers superior moisture protection, cuts installation labor and prolongs the operational lifespan of the infrastructure.

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No matter the setting or application, you can always depend on a polypropylene trench drain for years of performance. If you’re interested in acquiring an Enviro-Flo® or would like to learn about the other trench drain system options we offer, call The Trench Grate Store today.

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