What Type Of Trench Grates Are The Best Choice For Improving Aesthetics?

When considering the material to use for your trench drain grating in commercial and residential applications, you need to take aesthetics into account. After all, architecture should not just be functional, but beautiful as well.

So let’s talk about some of the best-looking trench drain grates available:

What Type Of Trench Grates Can Improve Aesthetics?

1. Stainless Steel Trench Grates

Here’s why stainless steel trench grates can improve aesthetics:

Stainless Steel Provides A Silver-Like Color

This can complement the aesthetics of modern design or contemporary design which uses a lot of metal contrasted with concrete, stone, and glass. Stainless steel is perfect for both commercial and residential use.

Resistance To Corrosion

Many types of metals are prone to corroding over time. Corrosion or rust is a process by which the metal suffers oxidation. Ultimately, this causes a red or orange hue to form on most metal surfaces.

However, stainless steel is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Therefore, steel trench grates improve aesthetics over the long term, not just the short term.

Restaurants And Customer-Facing Locations

Whether you’re considering steel grating for an office building, restaurant, or other location which customers and clients will visit, it provides natural aesthetic benefits.

People will judge your property based on how it looks. If you use a lower-quality material that rusts more easily, it could affect your business’ reputation.

Now that we know how stainless steel trench grates can improve aesthetics, let’s explore the next material:

2. Black Powder Coated Galvanized Trench Grates

At The Trench Grate Store, we can not only equip you with stainless steel grates, but also galvanized steel trench grates that have a black powder-coated finish.

When thinking of “aesthetically pleasing” materials, black powder-coated galvanized grates might not be the first thing to come to mind. Still, they’re worth a quick mention because you can choose from black or a variety of additional colors — matching the palette of your surrounding design for your residential or commercial property.

Plus, our galvanized steel materials are hot-dipped with a protective zinc coating — offering style options along with resistance against corrosion.

3. Aluminum Trench Grates

These are popular in high-end residential and commercial settings. Its attractive, timeless silver look provides drainage while enhancing the aesthetics of the property.

Aside from the design benefits, aluminum is a lightweight material that provides easy and fast installation.

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