The 6 Best Places to Install Trench Drain Systems

Installing trench drain systems can be incredibly effective for diverting water properly. However, it’s important to place it in the right location. Paired with the right trench drain grates, it handles water runoff without issue. In this blog post, let’s explore some of the best places to use trench drains:

The Best Places To Install Trench Drains

Here are some of the most useful scenarios in which to install a trench drain system:

1. Walkways

Residential and commercial walkways can experience heavy rainfall. This requires proper trench drain systems to ensure safety. Otherwise, standing water can cause bacterial and fungal growth.

2. Loading Docks

Most loading docks are built at a downward slope. Since loading docks are always exposed to outdoor elements, water buildup should be mitigated with a high load-bearing drainage grate.

3. Food Prep Areas

Whether food preparation areas are in processing plants, restaurants, or bars, they should have adequate drainage at all times.

This is not just to protect the safety of the employees but also to prevent bacteria-laden water from building up. For that reason, a durable and hygienic trench drain system should be the utmost priority.

4. Pools And Landscaping

Pool areas, commercial landscaping, and residential landscaping benefit greatly from trench drainage systems. For instance, a material such as fiberglass grates resist corrosion and provide slip-resistant surfaces for ideal drainage and safety.

5. Industrial Plants And Hospitals

Hospitals and commercial plants should always have a trench drain system installed. Selecting a material for your grate, such as stainless steel, helps maintain a safe workplace by providing easy sterilization.

This high-quality material also resists deterioration better than polymer-based grates. Aluminum grates can also be used in areas with low light foot traffic, such as sewage treatment centers or chemical plants.

6. Driveways

Driveways with a downward slope can create water buildup issues. Water may flow into your garage, puddle in the driveway, or otherwise cause damage to your foundation and surrounding landscape.

In this case, a protective trench drain surrounding your residential property can effectively divert water flow to protect your property.

Get High-Quality Trench Drain Systems

Now you know some of the most common places to install trench drain systems. However, trench drains are useful in a variety of locations.

For more information about proper sizing, materials, and grating type, contact the Trench Grate Store today.