Restaurant Grates

At The Trench Grate Store, we supply restaurants across the country with the grates they need for drainage. Whether you need a stainless steel grate for your kitchen space or a durable grate for your restaurant’s exterior, you’ll find a product that matches your specifications in our large inventory.

Reach out today to learn about our available trench grate products and to purchase one for your restaurant.

Our Trench Grate Products Include:

Our Restaurant Grates

Prevent Pooling

Trench grates play a key role in managing surface water flow and preventing pooling that can create slip hazards. Our grates are designed to efficiently channel water away from high-traffic areas into drains and maintain a dry and safe environment for customers and staff. Proper installation equipment allows for the seamless diversion of water and ensures restaurants uphold both safety standards.

Are Easy to Clean

Ease of cleaning is not just a matter of convenience — it is vital for maintaining a sanitary dining space. Grates with smooth surfaces that are made from materials resistant to chemicals and heat simplify the removal of food particles and grease.

This design consideration allows for thorough cleaning without the need for excessive labor or specialized tools. We recognize the importance of these features, which is why we supply grates that match the rigorous cleaning schedules of restaurants, ultimately contributing to the overall hygiene of the establishment.

Create Safe Walkways for Guests

The outdoor trench grates in our collection help create safe walkways for restaurant guests by offering a flat, stable surface. The design and materials they’re made with are chosen to withstand various weather conditions and heavy foot traffic, ensuring longevity and reliability. 

Further, our grates facilitate drainage and prevent water from accumulating on pathways outside your restaurant. This ensures that water doesn’t pool and creates puddles that can make slippery conditions.

Look Visually Appealing

The visual appeal of our trench grates can contribute to the overall look and feel of your restaurant’s exterior. Stainless steel trench drains — when combined with elements like iron and concrete — not only offer durability but also enhance aesthetic value through their sleek designs. 

These systems are available in many different lengths and widths to ensure they integrate seamlessly with your exterior. By distributing water evenly and maintaining an attractive appearance, visually appealing trench grates can help create a good first impression for potential customers.

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