Gas Station Grates

If your gas station needs to install new trench grates, you’ll want ones that are strong, tough, and long-lasting. At The Trench Grate Store, you’ll find the resilient and durable grate you need to ensure proper drainage at your gas station.

We supply gas stations and other clients across the United States with a wide range of trench grate products made with numerous materials, allowing everyone to find one that best fits their particular needs. Reach out today to learn about our available grates and to buy one for your gas station.

Our Trench Grate Products Include:

Why Grates Are Important for Gas Stations

Preventing Parking Area Flooding

Trench grates help protect gas station parking lots from flooding by efficiently channeling water away from surface areas. Positioned strategically around refueling stations and close to fuel storage tanks, these trench drain systems capture rainwater and direct it into underground drainage systems. This ensures the area remains dry and safe while protecting customers from the hazards of water accumulation and potential fuel sump contamination.

Maintaining Safe Walkways

For pedestrians at gas stations, the safety and accessibility of walkways are significantly enhanced by the presence of trench grates. These grates minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents by removing excess water and ensuring that walkways remain dry.

The surface texture of the grates, often featuring a diamond plate pattern or mats surface made from an eco-friendly material, offers additional traction underfoot. This attention to surface texture — coupled with the strategic placement of trench drains near station entrances and along walkways — shows your commitment to pedestrian safety to customers.

Avoiding Runoff

Trench grates also serve an important environmental function by mitigating runoff problems at gas stations. These installations capture runoff before it can start causing fuel leakage or carrying pollutants into local waterways.

By filtering out debris and containing potential contaminants close to the source, such as the ground openings near fuel sumps, trench drain systems play a key role in protecting local ecosystems. Compared to cast iron, ductile iron grates are great for their resilience against outdoor elements and ensure a long-lasting solution to manage runoff effectively.

Why Choose Our Trench Grates for Your Gas Station?

They Can Handle Heavy Weights

The design and material composition of our trench grates are engineered to endure heavy weights — a necessity given the frequent traffic of vehicles and fueling trucks at gas stations. Ductile iron grates are known for their strength and durability and are capable of supporting these loads without compromising the integrity of the trench drain. This resilience is vital in areas where cars and trucks frequently drive, as the grates must maintain their structural integrity under constant pressure.

Compliance With ADA Standards

Adhering to ADA standards is indispensable for trench grates at gas stations, as it ensures that all individuals have safe and equal access to the facilities. Grates with a diamond plate-style surface or those made from reclaimed rubber materials feature a specific surface texture composed to meet ADA standards, prevent slips, and facilitate the easy mobility of wheelchairs.

Reach Out Today To Order a Grate for Your Gas Station

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